10 Best Animal Photo Bombs at Weddings

Getting married is a pretty big deal. Wedding planners tirelessly prepare for the big day, wedding guests show up to celebrate the union of the wedding couple, and the wedding couple looks amazing despite being teary and happily nervous. With all the planning and emotion that goes into a wedding, you generally don’t want weirdos to photo bomb your wedding pictures. We now present to you 10 exceptions to this rule. Here are the 10 best animal photo bombs ever to happen at weddings.


This overly-congratulatory goat.


This couple who didn’t feel at all cooped up in present company.


This well-balanced bride.


This happy couple enjoying the furry friends from Zoe’s Party Animals (www.zoespartyanimals.co.uk)


This beautiful moment captured by Heather Parker (www.heatherparker.com)


This irresistible baby goat.


This friendly feline.


This literally incredible moment.


This dog who just wants in on the love.


And this. This creeper llama.


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